Blueye spare parts

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Make your choice of the following items:

  • Standard 2 hour battery
  • High capacity 5 hour battery
  • IOS or Android controllers
  • Spare tethers
  • Spare chargers
  • Spare surface units
  • Spare trusters

Standard battery 2h

2 hour standard battery for all Blueye underwaterdrones

On request we can send you all the required CE and compliance documents.

Extra high 5h capacity battery

Extra high 5 hour capacity battery for the Blueye underwaterdrones.

Expected introduction end Q2-2022


On request we can send all the required CE and complience documentation.


Controller IOS

Controller Android

75 mtr Tether

150 mtr Tether

250 mtr Tether


300 mtr Tether


350 mtr Tether


Extra lader

Extra surface unit

New design surface unit with USB C connection and upgraded connectivity

Spare truster

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